Agency: Barkley 

Location: Kansas City, MO


Twitter:  @Barkleyus

Instagram:  @Barkleyus




Barkley is an independent creative + innovation company that uncovers the good in every brand. Our job is to imagine and create a brand’s biggest possible future by not only solving business problems with creativity but by inventing opportunities through innovation and invention. It’s what we call future proofing.    We’re passionate people. Passionate about work. Passionate about life. We can’t help it. It’s just the way we are. Maybe it’s because we’re independent and employee-owned. Maybe it’s because we hire outstanding people and then get out of their way. Or maybe it’s because we believe in the power of a great idea, and that great ideas can come from anyone.


Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?

  1. We have 3 top sports teams (Chiefs football, Royals baseball, Sporting Soccer) and cool arenas to match. 
  2. Great foodie town
  3. Awesome creative community






Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2017 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. We are employee owned
  2. We have a rocket on top of our building that was designed by Walt Disney
  3. We have a Society of Analog Endeavors