Agency: BBDO 

Location: Atlanta, GA


Twitter:  @bbdoatl

Instagram: @bbdoatl


BBDO has been in the big idea business for over a century and is one of the most awarded agencies. Dedication to our craft is summed up in the BBDO mantra: The Work. The Work. The Work.

BBDO ATL creates big ideas for brands in the digital age. We uniquely combine world-class creative with content production agility and real-time analytics. We offer big creative ideas that integrate seamlessly across every conceivable platform; content production agility via our in-house design studio, WorkBench, which produces video and digital content quickly and economically; analytics as center-of-excellence for the entire BBDO network, with a patent-pending Message Mix Modeling capability.


Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2016 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. Our people work day by day, campaign by campaign, and client by client, to create and deliver the most creative and effective work in the business. This obsessive focus on The Work is what drives consumer behavioral change and leads to financial reward for our clients.

  2. We know we are only as good as the people who walk our halls every day; thus nurturing a strong BBDO culture is one of our key missions as an agency.

  3. When we ask our clients what sets BBDO Atlanta apart, they tell us it’s the people. Totally committed. Smart. Accountable. Creative. And collaborative.



  • Donovan Triplett, Jr. Planner, Atlanta