Erwin Penland

New York, NY
Account Management


Agency: Erwin Penland

Location: New York, NY


Twitter:  @erwinpenland

Instagram: @erwinpenland


Some call us an ad agency, but we like to think of ourselves as a Success Manufacturing Company. Because, well, we create success for brands on a daily basis. How? By rolling up our sleeves and getting it done. We’re a company of makers. We’re a team of mad scientists who come together from every discipline to build worlds around brands.


Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?


    Hang out in a hammock on Governor's Island

  2. Walk The High Line.

  3. Get the best slice of pizza on the planet at Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street (or any of the other top joints in the city).






Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2016 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. We've been around for 27 years, but you may have only heard of us recently. That's because for a big portion of that time we were a smaller regionally focused agency kickin' ass in our Greenville, South Carolina location. Since then we've branched out with a growing office in NYC and our client roster continues to expand.
  2. We have the worst record of any softball team in the NY advertising Softball league, but that doesn't stop us from having the absolute most fun out of any team, and not taking ourselves too seriously!
  3. We're part of IPG, and our sister agency is Hill Holliday - they share an office with us in NY and our interns act as a single class.