The Face of Talent is a multi-day symposium that celebrates, challenges, and connects MAIP interns and industry professionals through an interactive forum, leadership luncheon, career fair, and evening reception. 

leadership development forum

Established in 2011, the Leadership Development Forum was designed to complement the industry knowledge gained during MAIP. Facilitated by a leading talent optimization firms, MAIP fellows join together for this morning forum, where the knowledge they have amassed over the summer is exercised in engaging, thought-provoking, real-world business scenarios. 

diversity career fair

With over 96% of eligible 2016 MAIP fellows hired within 9 months of graduating, the annual Diversity Career Fair is a prime opportunity to connect with leading advertising and media agencies from across the country. On average, 40+ agencies are represented and have been known to offer job opportunities on the spot. Whether a rising senior, college graduate or graduate student, building your network is essential and this is just the place to continue to do so. 

diversity leadership luncheon

The Diversity Leadership Luncheon hosts over 500 MAIP fellows, alumni, and industry executives who gather to welcome, acknowledge and engage the new face of talent. Senior client, advertising and media leaders, who champion MAIP’s efforts to introduce new multicultural talent to the industry, provide valuable thought leadership and inspiration throughout the luncheon.

interview day

There are no planned MAIP events on this day, so use it to arrange interviews, catch up on some Zzz's, or explore NYC.

industry immersion day

More details to come.

society of excellence evening reception

A reception honoring #MAIPers to Watch, Paragon Award Recipients, and the Bill Sharp Award Recipient. This event is invitation only.