FCB Health

New York, NY
Art Direction

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Agency: FCB Health

Location: New York, NY

Website: http://fcbhealthcare.com

Twitter:  @fcbhealth

Instagram: @fcbhealth



FCB Health is one of the most passionate and creative places you'll ever work. People from all walks of life come together every day to work on fully‑integrated advertising for groundbreaking medications and bio technologies for patients and healthcare practitioners. Whether it's walking to the coffee bar, sitting at your desk or walking to a brainstorm, you can rest assured your doing your best, amongst the best.


Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2016 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. We not only do the advertising for 19 of the top 20 pharma companies, but we have actually created brand names for our clients ‑ logos, colors, messaging and all!
  2. We not only have creatives from portfolio schools and account people from the top advertising schools, but we also have PharmD's, physicians and molecular biologists working with us!
  3. We love to celebrate with theme parties, jam sessions, costume contests and cook-offs!

Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?

  1. Every single subway line runs underneath our building or can be found in a two block radius ‑ you can literally get anywhere from here!
  2. There are tons of free summer events; Central Park Music Festivals, Bryant Park Movie Screenings and even outdoor yoga. New York City subway musicians actually go through a rigorous selection process.
  3. Many of the musicians have even performed at famous venues such as Carnegie Hall before moving to the subways.


  • Phil Cheng, Associate Broadcast Producer, NYC
  • Priya Desai, Account Group Supervisor, NYC
  • Meylin Lopez, Senior Account Executive, NYC