Havas Chicago

Chicago, IL
Project Management

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Agency: Havas Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Website: http://chi.havasworldwide.com

Twitter:  @HavasWWChicago

Instagram: @havaschi



Havas Chicago is an agency committed to reinvigorating great American brands through cultural relevance. We bring an unmatched understanding of Millennials’ mindsets and behaviors, and a passion for embracing the emerging trends shaping business and pop culture. At the core, we pride ourselves on delivering breathtaking creative and concrete results. From Dos Equis to DISH, Keurig to Craftsman, we have a proven track record of transforming brands—and businesses—through fully integrated ecosystems that are designed to drive sales each day while building the brand over time. We view innovation as a practice, not a pastime. Our belief is that the only way to change culture is to create it. And we help make our clients successful by being one step ahead. We create groundbreaking strategies that not only drive awareness and sales, but catalyze movements—igniting cultural conversations, transforming logos into love marks, and turning commodity products into aspirational brands.


Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2016 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. Half of Havas Chicago's C-suite leadership team are female. Girl power!
  2. Dogs are allowed in the office—and canine coworkers are very much encouraged to show up for work every day!
  3. Havas CHI employs an open floor plan, meaning there are no walls and no offices. This fosters greater transparency, creativity, and collaboration throughout the agency, because we believe great ideas can come from anywhere—interns to executives and everyone in between!

Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?

  1. We suggest visiting landmarks like the Sears Tower (not Willis) and the Bean, and grabbing Giordano’s Famous Deep Dish afterwards.
  2. If you’re into music, be sure to check out the Metro, the Aragon, and the iconic House of Blues Chicago venues; and if you’re into learning, be sure to hit the Adler Planetarium and our other fabulous art, science, and history museums.
  3. Summer in Chicago makes the wintertime worth it, so don’t forget to get a tan on the many beaches along Lake Michigan. Chicago is a lively city, and at Havas, we’ve tapped into it’s culture and lifeblood—so if you’re not sure what to explore first, your coworkers will surely be happy to assist.

#maipalum at agency:

  • Dani Jackson, Sr. Integrated Producer, Chicago
  • Lacey Meece, Digital Strategist, Chicago
  • Heidi Newcom, Assistant Account Executive, Chicago