Agency: Hill Holliday

Location: Boston, MA

Website: http://www.hhcc.com

Twitter:  @HHCCcareers

Instagram: @hillholliday


The uglier the problem, the better we look. We create beautiful and effective work to solve our clients’ most demanding problems. We don’t shy away from the impossible. We welcome it. This mindset has driven Hill Holliday since 1968, when four guys set out to build the first national agency based in Boston with $50,000 in savings and the belief that creativity could make a difference. The harder the challenge, the better we are. The more demanding the brief, the more determined we are to crack it.


Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?

  1. Lots of incredible beaches in the surrounding areas (Cape Cod, Gloucester, Maine, Rhode Island)...and they're all just a train ride away! 
  2. Summertime is Red Sox season...so catching a Red Sox game is a must! 
  3. Lots of history everywhere you go - tea party museum on the harbor, Paul Revere freedom trail, anything in Beacon Hill, and some of the best historical architecture you'll see in the country.

Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2017 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. Free Dunkin' Donuts coffee all day.
  2. We have a party at the end of every month to show new work and give shout-outs to awesome employees...directly from our CEO!
  3. The company offers every employee 1 day each year to volunteer with a
  4. non-profit organization of their choice.