Passion Projects: Jake Quintanilla



Written by Jake Quintanilla for the 4A's MAIP

The Mi Casa Es Su Casa Network (MCESC) network is a non-profit organization founded by Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) alumni dedicated to educate, celebrate and represent the latino and hispanic communities through the advertising, public relations, media and entertainment industries.

MCESC is launching the “Por La Gente” campaign to help affected areas and communities in Houston, TX, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, MX, Florida and the US Virgin Islands. The organization is seeking volunteers, sponsors and agencies to host an “Es Lit” happy hour. “Es Lit” is a happy hour event series where professionals are welcomed to engage with their colleagues the best way they know how, over drinks. Participating agencies and their employees will be invited to the “Por La Gente” benefit night event in New York City on December 5, 2017.


The benefit event will encourage members of the advertising, public relations, media and entertainment industries to embrace Latino culture and allow them to donate to “Por La Gente Support Fund,” a fundraising initiative established to provide monetary and supplies relief to communities affected by recent natural disasters, as well as beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Companies and agencies interested in hosting an “Es Lit” happy hour, sponsorship opportunities or volunteering can contact Jake Quintanilla, President and Founder of MCESC, at or


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Alumni Spotlight: Haywood R. Watkins III

Haywood MAIP Newsletter.JPG

Written by Haywood R. Watkins III for the 4A's MAIP


On August 30th , I received an e-mail from Dianne Parks, Bill Sharp’s daughter. Enclosed was a heartfelt congratulations and request to answer a few questions for the award’s site. The last query was, “What advice would you give your 17-year-old self?”

Hopeful black and well-intentioned white people held hands and sung Kumbaya. It was November 4th, 2008 and Barack Obama had just collected enough electoral college votes to safely be announced as the next president of the United States of America. Dr. King's dream had become a reality. America was now a post-racial society.

Unfortunately, Obama's jump shooting, Motown singing, swagger walking blackness did not end racism. Instead, it served, at the least, as a distress call to awaken the dormant hate that rested in the hearts of many Americans. This divide is once again rearing its head to rip the country in two. I wondered, “Will our industry follow?”

During the short span of my advertising career, I’ve witnessed ads that uplift as well as ads that disregard. And the latter is always met with disdain that screams across the web, “This wouldn’t have happened if there was a person of color in the room.” It’s a nice thought, but simply not true.

That thinking implies a world where marginalized communities need only to get a foot in the door to dismantle tone-deaf media. My retort is this, “What change can you create in the conference room if you are silenced in the lobby?”

The silencing does not arrive as a formal request. It comes in the announcement of a peer’s promotion or the awarding of work that doesn’t take the reality of others into account. Those on the fringe quickly adapt to survive and in the process, they edit away their differences with the hopes of being accepted.

I now fight the urge to edit, the want to be accepted, and the desire to belong where I know I’m not wanted because the hardships of my hue has given me strength. So, I sat down and wrote twenty words of advice to my younger self.

“When weary, seek your reflection and know this: Black skin is bonded to a body strong enough to carry it.”


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Passion Projects: Bria Benjamin


Written by Bria Benjamin for the 4A's MAIP

My name is Bria Benjamin, and I'm a graphic artist. In my professional life, I stick to graphic design. But, my personal passion is graphic art and illustrations. There, I can play with color and a certain softness that I am able to create. I consider my work political, but not in the same way as shirts that say "NASTY WOMAN" or posters that have "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on it a hundred times.


As a black woman, sometimes I just want to see myself in art that is, well, pretty; a woman holding a glass of wine as she peers out the window, rather than her fist up in protest. Yes, those portraits can be the same woman, but sometimes, even the fighter needs a break. Her existence and happiness is a form of resistance, too.

My work can be found at, and can be purchased on my society6 page.



4A's Face of Talent 2017 Re-Cap


4A's Face of Talent 2017 Re-Cap

35785660603_eb11d524f4_o (1).jpg

At The Face of Talent 2017, the 4A’s and MAIP team connected an unprecedented 209 MAIP fellows with over 250 advertising and media professionals and countless learning experiences. Throughout the week, fellows packed over 2,000 meal kits in three hours with CityMeals on Wheels and Omnicom Health Group, were introduced to five of Dentsu Aegis Network’s agencies at Agency Immersion Day, developed skills for their next challenge with DigitasLBi during the Leadership Development Forum, watched as Fellow Lisa Marie Rainford chose her future agency among Atlanta’s Advertising For Change program (congrats, Fitzgerald & Co.!) and were given an unparalleled welcome to our industry. During the luncheon, Dentsu Aegis Network committed to 25 fellows in #MAIP2018. We’re proud to call the MAIP Class of 2017 our newly minted #MAIPAlum and encouraged by the astounding support from our partner agencies. 


MAIPers to Watch: Bennett Bennett, Marianne Bellorín, Valerie Nguyen, Christopher Vega, Laura Linthicum, Candace Queen (shouts-out!)

Bill Sharp: Haywood R. Watkins III

Paragon Award: Pam Fujimoto, Dhane Scotti, Keith Yamashita, David Hernandez

MAIP Coach of the Year: Ingrid Patiño

Special thanks to our DJ: #MAIP2017 Alum Ebony Anderson-Brown


DigitasLBi Multicultural Scholarship: Alicia Harris

MAIP Summer Project: AdHaus (Team 3)

One Club Creative Fellow: Alexandra DeCespedes

Clarence Leroy Holte Fellow of the Year: John Paul Napleton

Gladiator Award: Singleton Beato 

Agency of the Year: Advertising for Change

Pantheon Award: Ed Frankel



Alumni Spotlight: Ronnie Dickerson-Stewart

Ronnie Dickerson Stewart: VP Talent Engagement & Inclusion, DigitasLBi NA

Ronnie Dickerson, 2004 MAIP Alum, 2010 Rising Star, and VP, Talent Engagement & Inclusion at Digitas, attributes her advertising foundation to MAIP. Ronnie has held cross-media strategy and investment roles on brands such as Morgan Stanley, Nintendo, and Toyota. In 2015 she founded a career navigation consultancy, The Dickerson Stewart Group, as a commitment to education, growth and development. Ronnie reaches back, helping the leaders of tomorrow grow and develop, via the MAIP Alumni Association, 4A’s IAAS Partnership, and ADCOLOR.

How did you get your start in MAIP?

I applied for MAIP junior year at Kentucky and got declined, so I went to Dillard’s and applied for a job selling shoes and planned to take a free internship. I was at a step show in Chicago and got a phone call from Tiffany R. Warren informing me that someone dropped out of MAIP and I was able to reapply. It was for a position at Starcom in Chicago so I reapplied and drafted a letter about why I was fortunate to work under Renetta McCann. I got the position and had an offer before I went back to school.

How has MAIP helped you?

We carry this hunger and desire to be in an industry where historically, we haven’t been allowed. MAIP provided the arms and legs in - they provided us a window when perhaps a door wasn’t offered for us.

What are some side projects you're working on?

I had a baby. Coaching, sponsoring, supporting. Shining a light on tools people already have to be really great in the industry. I want to be a resource for diverse folks to have that ally or coach on their side to celebrate their wins and help navigate the world. I’m a certified career management and executive coach at the Dickerson-Stewart Group. We offer free 20- minute sessions and an exhaustive list of products and resources. Between now and launch of #MAIP2017, MAIPers will get 25% off services using the code: MAIPfam. (One per customer and valid through June 5, 2017.)

What are some workplace wins that you're most proud of?

Starting my career in media but over the last 3 years, I’ve been evolving out of that. In 2015 I became the NA lead for talent at DigitasLBi. It positions me to empower others to make an impact just like me. It helps me be more able to create programming and to support programs like MAIP. I can advance those things that help others.

What are some key lessons you’ve learned since being in the industry?

Show up as a badass but don’t be an asshole. Bring your best authentic self. Know that you’re there to learn. You should always be in a position to receive that knowledge and make yourself better.

What would you tell your MAIP self now?

No need to buy out all the business suits in the business suit section. You’re supposed to be here. I started at an agency that invested in MAIP but when I walked into the room and didn’t see people like me, I had to remind myself that I’m supposed to be here. We want MAIPers to come into our agencies to change the dynamic. They have the fortunate and unfortunate opportunity to change the moment. 

Written by Tien Dang, Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and Talent Development


I Am Allergic to Career Fairs


I Am Allergic to Career Fairs

August 12, 2014. 4As, MAIP, Face of Talent 2014 at Three Sixty, 10 Desbrosses St, New York, NY 10013. Photography by Margarita Corporan

August 12, 2014. 4As, MAIP, Face of Talent 2014 at Three Sixty, 10 Desbrosses St, New York, NY 10013. Photography by Margarita Corporan

Sweaty palms, bubbling stomach, rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath are all classic signs that I am getting too close to a career fair.  But, I've never told anyone of my illness. I just don't go to career fairs and maintain perfect health.  Unfortunately, as a 2014 MAIP intern, not going to the career fair was not an option; but I sure did try.  I cozied up in on a couch and proceeded to act like I was working.  Fellow MAIPers would walk by, sit, talk, but I never left my spot.  Until, I was caught.  My MAIP mentor walked by one too many times to see my lack of movement and stopped to ask me, "What are you doing?" I think my answer consisted of a series of excuses:

  • It's too crowded.
  • It's hot in there.
  • There are too many lines.
  • I'm researching the agencies.

Not one excuse flew by her.  The anticipation of her forcing me to go into the career fair took over and anxiety set in.  "What is this water filling in my eyes?" I could tell she saw it happening.  So, she hit me with a one-two combo to get me in the career fair.  She sat down and talked with me to calm my nerves and dry up that "weird eye watering" thing.  The, she physically dragged me into the career fair.  She pulled me right up to the mcgarrybowen table, introduced me, and left.  I aw left to swim with the sharks, and surprisingly, I swam laps around the fair.

I say this story to say, if you've got the heart and experience to help a person push past his/her nerves and into a career fair, you've got what it takes.  Become a MAIP mentor today by clicking here. 

Written by Kendra Croft, Jr. Copywriter @ RPA. 


The Face of Talent Week Kicks Off!


The Face of Talent Week Kicks Off!

After months of planning, The Face of Talent officially kicked off today with Final Project Presentations at Wieden+Kennedy and the Leadership Development Forum powered by McCann Worldgroup.

Fifteen cross-national teams have been working tirelessly this summer to compete in the annual MAIP summer project.  Partnering with Wieden+Kennedy, fellows were tasked to work on a Nike project.  To say they were excited is an understatement.   It's come down to four teams and the stakes are high.  The winning team will be announced at The Face of Talent Diversity Leadership Luncheon tomorrow. While we wait, check out some behind the scenes images below.

In the afternoon, fellows participated in the Leadership Development Forum powered by McCann Worldgroup and led by Carolyn Ou, MAIP Alum and Executive Leadership Coach at Sandbox Consulting.  The interactive workshop took fellows through a series of activities to learn how to get out of one's own way.  You know the age old saying, "You're your own worst enemy."  Well, our fellows learned how to fight (and occasionally) work with their "Gremlins" - fellows you know what we're referring to. 



"From NYC to Seattle - My MAIP Experience" by Mallory Jones






Mallory Jones
#MAIP2015 Fellow @ WONGDOODY

"When ‘incredible’ doesn’t even begin to sum up your internship experience, what else is there to say? That’s how I’m feeling right now as I start to come to terms with the fact that my time here in Seattle is coming to a close. WONGDOODY, the agency where I have been spending my MAIP experience, has treated me better than I could have ever hoped for. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately encouraged to dive in and work on important projects for some of their top clients. In a million years, I never would’ve imagined that they would allow me to participate in the business and culture of the agency to the degree that they have. I’ve never personally experienced what an internship in another field of business is like, but I feel as though most typical interns wouldn’t be able to say the same. 

For this incredible experience – and for giving me a real chance to have the career I have always imagined – I am completely indebted to MAIP. Without this program, the odds of me ever making it out to Seattle to meet the amazing people at WONGDOODY are slim to none; the odds of me being set up as well as I will be to enter the advertising world once I graduate with my M.B.A in the spring would be even slimmer. In my mind, I will undoubtedly owe whatever career I have that comes out of this experience to the entire 4A’s organization and the MAIP program. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this."

Check out some pictures from Mallory's experience below.



"My MAIP Experience" by Laura Gonzalez










Laura Gonzalez
#MAIP2015 Fellow @ Osborn Barr

"Winning the lottery is comparable to the rewards a student gains from participating in MAIP. Broadening my knowledge base is an eternal goal of mine, and I make sure to commit when a challenge presents.  

Prior to this internship, I did not know what media planning was or what media buyers do. My fearlessness allowed me to jump into a discipline that was foreign to me. Taking this risk has allowed me to see how much I enjoy the discipline. 

I embrace the art and rigor of analytical thinking and complex problem-solving. Immersing myself into media planning has allowed me to tap into these passions. Learning from the media team at Osborn Barr has allowed me to gain an insight into this world and witness firsthand how media planners are responsible for making sure the product touches the eyes, and ears of the masses.   

My perspective on time changed just weeks into my internship. I find myself intrigued with the focus demanded, the strategy, the relationships, the communication, the detail, the language, the meticulous planning and the challenge that comes with working in media planning. It is life-altering to be able to dive into a discipline and identify hours as minutes. 

Media planning is the heart of all the disciplines in advertising. Everything in this discipline revolves around a hypothesis that is supported through research, past campaign records and data. From shadowing my mentor and the media director, I have been able to fulfill my passion for learning beyond expectation. To say this experience has been life-changing is the least of all MAIP encompasses for me. I now have a new set of eyes, skills and a newly developed passion. This is my lottery award." 

Written by: Laura Gonzalez

Click here to view a recent post on Osborn Barr's blog about Laura.


Who Works Hard for the Money?  She does.


Who Works Hard for the Money? She does.

On Wednesday, July 22 at Arnold Worldwide in NYC, female MAIP fellows and alumni will come together for an open conversation about managing their money like a boss, salary negotiations, investing in their 401K, and much more.  


Created and launched by Neisha Tweed, #MAIPalum and Creative Strategist at Facebook, the platform has empowered the future female leaders of the advertising & media industry.  Below is just some feedback from last year's attendees:

"It was the most candid seminar ever. It was great to hear from the people who were once in the same situation as me and other MAIPers. I could learn the hardships that I need to go through as a woman in color in the advertising industry as well as the advices to go through them as wise as possible. I could never hear things like this anywhere than this seminar."

"The speakers were amazing. They weren't just insightful with their experiences, but they were also very entertaining and interesting."

This year's panel features:

  • Piper Hickman: Creative Director, Freelance
  • Christena Pyle: Director at the ADCOLOR Awards & Industry Conference; Diversity & Inclusion Supervisor at Omnicom Group; and MAIP Alumni Association Executive Council Member (c/o 2007).
  • Genevieve Robles: HR + Talent Associate at The Barbarian Group
  • Khara Wagner: Group Account Director at TBWA/Chiat Day

Interested in attending?  RSVP here to reserve your spot.


#MAIP2015 Orientation - Take 2


#MAIP2015 Orientation - Take 2

Midtown, Jordan's, a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun. 


The second day of orientation brought together the MAIP fellows (in-person and virtual);  Wieden + Kennedy agency executives; multimedia artist, MeLo-X; and several high-school students from the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising and Media (MECA). 

MAIP Fellows - NYC and USA - were briefed on their summer project by the WK team and learned a bit about personal branding + partnership from MeLo-X. 

The day ended with a quick b-ball game with several MAIP fellows and high school students outfitted in Jordan gear, promoting teamwork and collaboration on & off the courts. 

Check out some highlights of the day below!


And...the 2015 MAIP NYC Fellows Are Here!


And...the 2015 MAIP NYC Fellows Are Here!

On Thursday, June 4, the 4A's welcomed over 80+ #MAIP2015 NYC fellows at the annual orientation.  This marked the first time all the NYC fellows were together in one location.  Needless to say, the energy was high and excitement apparent. 

The first day of orientation launched with a series of talks and workshops, focusing on topics such as the future of social and understanding your personal strengths to optimize work-performance. Over the course of the day, fellows had an opportunity to hear from leading industry executives, such as: 

The purpose? To best prepare the fellows for the most impactful summer.

The day concluded with an evening reception at Horizon Media and brought together over 150 industry executives, MAIP mentors, alumni, and fellows. 

Check out the video and photo below.