Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Location: Atlanta, GA

Website: https://www.jwt.com/atlanta

Twitter:  @jwtatl

Instagram: @jwtatl


We are Atlanta's JWT office -- not the largest JWT agency in the network, but a very close-knit, familial one.  We work hard and form strong bonds while doing so, and take pride in our accomplishments and learn from our failures.  We also like a good party.


What are the top three interesting facts about or things to do in your host agency's city? 

  1. Atlanta is the home to Martin Luther King. It's of major historical significance to Civil Rights.   
  2. It's the home to three major sports team, not to mention An incoming Professional Soccer team, Atlanta United.   
  3. Atlanta is a fabulous restaurant town.    

Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2017 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. Both David Bowie and Julie Christie worked at J. Walter Thompson (the London agency, though).   
  2. J. Walter Thompson (the agency, not the man) invented the grilled cheese sandwich as a way to sell more (Kraft) cheese.   
  3. J. Walter Thompson hired the first female copywriter.