graduation from maip is contingent UPON completion of the following:

  1. Attend all Virtual Spring Training Sessions and complete feedback form. 
  2. Pay $1200 MAIP Fee in full if opting in to housing and travel assistance. 
  3. Complete the Khan Academy Computer Programming HTML/CSS track. 
  4. Create a personal website and submit with Talent ebook submission..
  5. Attend all MAIP labs and other MAIP sanctioned events in your city unless otherwise noted and complete feedback form.
  6. Participate and contribute to the MAIP summer project.
  7. Complete both the mid-summer and end of summer evaluation.
  8. Attend all The Face of Talent Events.
  9. Be in good standing with your internship agency.
  10. Complete MAIP and The Face of Talent Exit Form.
  11. Be in good standing with your agency and/or supervisor.