As part of the multi-week professional Fellowship program, MAIP fellows receive real-world work experience with discipline specific training opportunities to further fuel growth and development. In addition to in-person summer seminars in larger markets (such as NYC, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco), MAIP introduced a virtual webinar series in 2013 to provide national training for all markets. Building off the success of this model and the launch of Haywood R. Watkins III’s, 2011 MAIP Alum and WPP Fellow, specialized 2014 MAIP Planner’s Parley Series, the 4A’s has further enhanced its training model to help prepare all Fellows for their agency experience.

Termed Virtual Spring Training, this development series will take place March-May 2017 and will serve as a primer to the start of the Fellows’ agency experiences. Webinars will cover an array of topics ranging from brainstorming to race in the workplace, and a "how an agency works" crash course.

khan academy html/css requirement

In addition to participating in the Spring Training Webinars, each Fellow is required to complete the Khan Academy Computer Programming HTML/CSS track. Please see the overview below. Fellows will have until Friday June 23rd to complete. You can sign up HERE.

  • Intro to HTML - What HTML is and how to make a webpage with marked up text and images? 
  • Intro to CSS - Learn how to write CSS rules, to select based on element, class, or ID, and change the colors of your page. 
  • More HTML tags - Learn how to make links, tables, and comments. 
  • CSS text properties - Learn how to style your text, like font families, size, spacing, and alignment. 
  • CSS Layout - Learn how to use the HTML span and div elements with CSS properties like position and float to change the layout of your webpages. 
  • Further learning - What can you do to keep learning HTML and CSS? 


Each Fellow will be required to create their own website that showcases their talents, passions, and personality. The link will be included in the Talent eBook that goes out to recruiters at agencies. Websites must be submitted by Wednesday, July 12th.


Continued professional development is paramount to MAIP. In addition to participating in MAIP's Virtual Spring Training (a 12 week virtual webinar series led by seasoned professionals), our Fellows in larger markets will also attend #MAIPlabs facilitated by agency partners throughout the course of the summer. #MAIPlabs take place in the evening hours - 6pm to 8pm - in the various markets. 

In addition to attending the labs, each Fellow is required to complete a feedback form, which will be sent out by the MAIP Team post event. 

*Note: If you are located in a city with a workshop series, attendance is mandatory! 

#MAIPLabS schedules will be sent out separately.

Markets with planned labs: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco

All MAIP events will be in our calendar on the website. Check there for the most accurate dates.