The MAIP Summer Coaches Program was designed to provide fellows with an opportunity to connect, learn, and receive guidance from an executive within their respective field and/or host city. Through one-on-one conversations and meetings, Fellows can expect to grow and develop through nurturing and stimulating conversations with their respective coaches. 


As a Fellow, it is your responsibility to take a proactive approach to developing a relationship with your coach. Below are some questions to consider before speaking with your coach: 

  • What do I want to gain from this experience? 
  • What are the career challenges and goals I hope a more experienced leader can help me solve? 
  • What can I bring to the table to offer my mentor in exchange for his/her guidance? 


In your initial conversations, set the foundation for the upcoming summer and consider your “game-plan.” 

  • What does success look like and how will this be measured? 
  • How can your coach help you get there? It helps to identify specific asks! 
  • Determine check-in points throughout the summer. 
  • Identify best method of communication (emails, texts, video/phone calls, etc.) and frequency.


Be open to adjusting your objectives as the summer progresses and goals may evolve. 

  • A coach has been assigned to help you grow, not purely to serve as a mechanism to get to a new job and/or become a “best” friend. 
  • Be honest, candid, and open to feedback throughout your mentor/mentee relationship. 
  • Respect each other. This is a core principal that should be applied to all relationships. Remember that a mentor is volunteering his/her time to help YOU. Think twice before cancelling a meeting, call or conversation. 

more info regarding maip coach assignments will be sent out IN THE NEAR FUTURE