San Francisco, CA
Community Management and Media


Agency: Swirl

Location: San Francisco, CA

Website: http://weareswirl.com

Twitter:  @swirlmarketing

Instagram: @swirlsf



Founded in 1997, at the epicenter of the digital revolution, Swirl is independently owned and independent in spirit. With headquarters in San Franciscoʼs majestic Presidio National Park, itʼs a full-spectrum ideas agency: advertising, marketing, communications, retail experiences, and brand actions – with an added dimension of a 1,400 acre back yard.

We believe: in people first, in collaboration, and in a healthy and passionate culture. We also believe that brand success in the 21st century will be rooted in brand actions and our clients range from national and international brands such as Microsoft Stores, Kipling, Clorox (Hidden Valley Ranch,Burts Bees, Kingsford & Soy Vay), CA Technologies, and Juniper, to regional favorites, like The Marine Mammal Center, The San Francisco YMCA, Zoo and PG&E.


Top 3 Interesting Facts or Things to Do in the Agency's Host City?

San Francisco!! What can we say. It's the best place on earth.

Golden Gate Bridge, Outside Lands Music Festival, Little Italy, Japantown, cable cars, redwoods, hiking, sailing, thrift shops, history and more delicious food than you could ever handle!
















Top 3 Interesting Facts a #MAIP2016 Fellow Won't Find on the Agency's Website?

  1. Swirl Culture: Besides happy hours, quarterly events, ping pong tournaments and weekly all-agency gatherings, Swirl creates and participates in a lot of awesome clubs & leagues. A few examples: running club, nerf gun club, soccer club, bowling club, and walking-around-SF-club.

    Swirlʼs Space: The physical space of a working environment is such an important part of the creative process. Which is why we take so much pride in our office. Three reasons our space is great: 1.We span across two buildings in the Presidio – one of the most incredible neighborhoods in San Francisco. This campus-like feel allows you to get up, walk around and enjoy incredible views, like the Golden Gate Bridge. Donʼt feel like walking? No stress – weʼve got you covered with alternative transportation: swirl bikes & skateboards

  2. Natural light – like, woah! Our office is bright and airy. Much like the park right outside.

  3. Snacks. On snacks on snacks on snack. (and kegs. Yum) Weʼre a big agency, with a small agency feel: Everybody knows everybody. Whatʼs not to love about that?