April: Ready, Set, Coach
Fellows are assigned based on discipline, fellowship city, and/or school.

May: Coach Boot Camp (without the yelling)
Mandatory coach training in New York (and virtually for those outside New York) to give you coaching/management tips and help you make the most out of the coach program.

June: Show Time!
We'll launch the program with an event in New York (and possibly, Chicago) to have everyone meet their Fellows face-to-face and set expectations for the program upfront.


*Note: Dates subject to change.

July: Guts and Glory (NY)
Coaches and Fellows face off in a lively competition to build your relationship and provide another program check-point.

August: Time to Shine (NY)
Coaches are invited to attend The Face of Talent Week festivities with their company.

Throughout: Your Lucky Day
Coaches will be entered to win special awards like access to professional opportunities, networking events, MAIP Coach of the Year, and so forth over the course of the year.

While you're at it - recommend the MAIP Coach Program to your colleagues with a whole lot of heart, too.