Passion Projects: Mindlezz Thoughtz Media & Arts - Aaron Francois (2017)

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As kids many of us were asked, "what do you want to be when you get older?" Being a part of MAIP also taught me not to be ashamed of having more than one goal especially if they don't yet intertwine. I've always had a love for mentoring and innovating, which are two things I try to implement in my day to day in some way or form.

One thing that allowed me to do both is my work with Mindlezz Thoughtz Media & Arts. Mindlezz Thoughtz is an urban entertainment brand geared towards providing youth with media outlets and access to opportunities they aren't often exposed to due to social class, education or even geographic location. The company was founded in 2011 by a good friend of mine named Najee Brown and the following year I jumped on board putting together a variety of dance events and tournaments as well as some showcases for the youth.

Aaron Francois, #MAIPAlum 2017

Aaron Francois, #MAIPAlum 2017

Mindlezz Thoughtz allowed me to work with the Brooklyn Museum building out the campaign for their "Rise of Sneaker Culture" Exhibit as well as MC'ing the event. We've also worked with Ubisoft for the Just Dance video game and Union Settlement, creating free events for the youth in their local neighborhoods. Mindlezz Thoughtz taught me that a "side project" could be just as enjoyable as your day to day work-life. Moral of the story? Do what YOU love, not what OTHERS love to see YOU do!

Did I get so deep into my blog post that I forgot to introduce myself? My name's Aaron Francois and I'm media enthusiast, comic book/anime lover and a pretty darn good dancer all in one.

You can also check out Mindlezz Thoughtz on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by simply typing in "Mindlezz Thoughtz."


This post was written by Aaron Francois for the 4A's MAIP.