Grits & Gospel: Troy Harris (2012)

Troy Harris _ Grits & Gospel

2012 MAIPer, Troy Harris, has certainly been busy this Fall! He and his publication co-founder, Sam Floyd, are serving up their authentic flavor of food for thought with their new coffee-table book, Vol 1: Soul Fuel.

Friends for almost 20 years, their brainchild is Grits & Gospel (“G&G”), a communal publication hell-bent on delivering thoughtful content in today’s clickbait online ecosystem. They’ve been featured all over the web in places like Blavity, Hip Hop Golden Age, and HuffPost as well as in OWN’s Black Love Summit earlier this month. You can check them out at

This September, G&G took on a new, physical, form as they hit readers with their patented blend of wit and humor in this 130-page full-color hardback book.

Equal parts practical and ridiculous, Soul Fuel is sure to jump-start the conversation your living room craves! With topics ranging from unveiling Black culture’s underrated figures to tips and tricks on staying financially savvy, there is truly something for everyone.

It includes articles from Troy, Sam, and their eclectic group of guest writers, plus visual contributions from over a dozen graphic artists all brought together to celebrate creativity, inspire readers, and spark infectious ideas.

Support our MAIP alum with an order and bring this multifaceted experience directly to your coffee table today!