Malaika Apparel Co. - Rita Bunatal (2017)

Rita Bunatal _ Malaika Apparel

Malaika Apparel Co., LLC. is an apparel and lifestyle company that at its core aims to bridge the gap between the Pan-African diaspora through various forms or accurate and dignified forms of representation. With roots in Ghana & Kenya, the brand seeks embody a distinguishable form of revolution that spans across the U.S. borders.

This brand is a practice that defies contemporary norms and aims to celebrate all people of the diaspora. The inspiration of Malaika Apparel is a challenge to the social conditions where Black representation is limited to its appropriation. Malaika Apparel is thus a call for agency and the empowerment of the Black/African Diaspora.

We aim to bridge the gap between the Pan-African diaspora by exploring the beautiful complexities that exist within our individual and collective stories.

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