WhyTFNots?: Tien Dang (2015) & Chelsea St. Clair (2015 & 2016)


Five months ago, we set out as the whyTFnots duo on a world-wide trek in hopes of creating space for ourselves to challenge and explore different perspectives. We originally started out with 3 intentions:

  1. To dive headfirst into unfamiliar experiences

  2. To prove that travel was for us even if we seldom saw our image reflected in any media regarding travel

  3. To test the theory that our future didn’t need a linear path to success


While we’ve been on many adventures and have gotten to know remarkable people with even more fantastic stories, the biggest thing we want to share with others is the different ways humanity and empathy manifests in the world.

In a society where we often self-impose pressure on ourselves that creates unnecessary stress and competition among our peers, we grew in confidence and figured out how to ask for the things we want and to create our own lanes of success. Most importantly, we discovered the importance of taking time for yourself.

Check out our website to see all the countries we’ve visited and read our blog with posts ranging from what it’s like to leave everything behind to travel, and the one time we almost missed our bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai!