#MAIPVibes - James Ramseur (2016 & 2017)

Three words to describe your playlist:

A little different

How did you curate this playlist? 

I’ve been missing home a lot lately. We’ve all been through it; being away from home and missing our friends and how things were at home. For me, college back in Orlando was a cultural experience that opened up many different worlds to me. I was specifically surrounded by and immersed in Caribbean culture from the jump, and it took me moving away from Florida to realize how much it became a part of me.

The first part of the playlist is a tribute to my Caribbean and African friends and as the playlist progresses it goes into a more laid back vibe. Most of the time I’m not at work, I’m sipping on a French wine relaxing as much as possible and this is the perfect type of music for that. 

Tell me about one song or artist on this playlist and what they represent to you:

Look What You’ve Done represents the fact that it’s okay to be vulnerable and express how you feel as a man.