#MAIPVibes for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - Michael Aaron Butts (2016)

This is part of a series for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), in which we talk to #MAIPAlum about their music tastes, their identities, and how they intersect.

Three words to describe your playlist: 
Dark, Bombastic, and Loud

How did you curate this playlist?
I wanted this playlist to not only be reflective of the music that I've been into recently, but also somehow representative of my identity and experiences as a biracial,  Asian-American and black person. Growing up around both cultures and figuring out how to reckon with my Asian-American identity has definitely been a journey and is an ongoing process for me – which I think is reflected in the songs I selected, as they all to me have a bit of a soul-searching quality, most with deep, driving bass and darker undertones. But at the same time, I wanted this playlist to make people dance, be a celebration of identity and feature some of my favorite Asian artists out right now like Rich Brian, Yaeji and Saweetie.

Tell me about one song or artist on this playlist and what they represent to you:
While I love all of these songs, one of my absolute favorites is 'Til It's Over by Anderson .Paak. Everything about it, the carpe diem-inspired lyrics, the way the beat builds and explodes into those magical xylophone synths, Anderson's voice, is all just really magical and brilliant. To me, the song expresses the joy of the journey and the fruits reaped from being wholly committed to something, whether it be to a relationship, career or life passion.