#MAIPVibes for Women's History Month - Joon Park (2017 & 2018)

Three Words to describe your playlist:

    Queer, Electric, "Wig"

How did you curate this playlist?

As I was curating this playlist, I thought about the songs I listen to when I get ready to go out. I usually reserve two hours to get ready. In between showering, choosing the perfect outfit, and #beatingmymug – all while sipping on wine – getting ready is an incredibly important ritual for me; it's when I see myself coming to life and transforming into the Glamazon Femme I strive to be. 

So, the music I listen to is a fun balance of songs that you can belt out to and have a Whitney moment with AND music that you can bop and vogue and feel your oats to. 

Some songs are meant to empower women while other songs touch on the pain and vulnerable moments that come with identifying as femme. 

Finally, my playlist is inspired by the Spotify playlist "Songs that make gay people scream." If you are queer/POC/femme, you *might* scream while listening to these songs.

Tell me about one song or artist on this playlist and what they represent to you:

     Normal Girl and 20 Something by SZA are really important songs to me; the lyrics speak to my trans experience and my anxieties as a young person trying to navigate (and lowkey conquer) the world.