#MAIPVibes for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - Faith Chihil (2010)

Three words to describe your playlist:

Eclectic, moody, shameless 

How did you curate this playlist?

I wanted this playlist to feel like a journey.

You start with leaving home, the guilt and fear you have for going, struggling with feeling homesick yet being in love with your new surroundings.

You fall in and out love and pick yourself back up time and again, still making room for a million self-pity parties, IDGAF moments and "how YOU doin' ?" meetings in between, coming back to find your center before you spin out again.

While a lot of the lyrics focus on romantic love, I feel we all get these love/hate/discovery routines with our friendships, our careers, and even our cultural backgrounds. There are times when I'm incredibly motivated by a new project I've working on, only for it to disintegrate a week later.

Likewise, there are times when I struggle with my own identity: who am I as this 30-year old Filipina who can't speak Tagalog but who wants to identify with the rest of my Asian colleagues? We may never get all the answers, but we can work on asking better questions.

Tell me about one song or artist on this playlist and what they represent to you:

"First Love" by Emmy the Great. I rely a lot on pop culture references to find common ground with people; when someone can catch your concealed reference to a shared interest, even if it's a dumb joke, it creates an instant spark.

In this song, Emmy recounts a bittersweet and slightly traumatic story, all the while focusing on the song that was playing in the background, which is very much how I tend to remember things. To add another layer, she names the artist and version of the song, which gives a level of specificity and some ironic elitism to a certain extent (also very much my brand).

The cherry on top is the fact that quoting this very song brought me together with my current SO of seven years (as an away message on AOL Instant Messenger, throwback!)