The Cosmos: Tanya Zhang (2015)


Finding the Cosmos was like finding my place in the universe. In college, I led 4N01, an all-female hip hop dance team, that was diverse, #sashafierce and fearless in expressing their artistry as strong inspiring women. Since then, I’ve been passionate about finding a way to lead a community that empowers women of color personally and professionally 👩🏻‍💻 💁🏻‍

Working with the Cosmos to create a paradigm that considers our diversity as people, values our wellbeing as individuals, and defines our right to thrive on our own terms was nothing short of the stars aligning! The Cosmos truly began with one simple yet powerful question:

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The mission is to change the way women live and work from the inside out by approaching personal and professional development holistically with a focus on wellness & with six pillars in mind:  

  1. Wellness

  2. Family & Relationships

  3. Money

  4. Work

  5. Creativity

  6. Politics & Culture

These pillars, coupled with our principles, guide a community of co-creation that’s rooted in immersive and transformational experiences. ✨✨

I launched the Cosmos’ official Instagram just two months ago with co-founders Cassandra Lam and Karen Mok. On top of leading our social presence, I’m focused on developing a community growth strategy centered around our members, partners, creators and allies! I want to design the Cosmos community to be a single source of truth for the issues, thoughts, and doubts women of color may have. And I’m super passionate about providing the resources and tools to empower all of us to celebrate our livelihood. 💜

We have a roster of events hosted in SF, LA, NYC and Denver and we want every member of our community to explore and define what health and wellness means on their own terms. Creating a supportive space to tackle hard issues like finding confidence, pleasure 101, mental health and anxiety (each workshop is co-created with a woman of color) is core to our model for flourishing and thriving as a community.

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Tickets live for our 3-Day LA Retreat and we’re launching our first ever book club gathering on June 11 at Asian American Writer’s Workshop in NYC. I highly recommend signing up for our newsletter to get all the exciting, upcoming news!!

Our community is inclusive to self-identifying women, femmes, gender nonconforming, queer, and transgender individuals of Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian descent and we produce workshops for both men and women! 💜

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