Congrats Raquel Ortega (2017 & 2018) - 2018 Creative Fellow of the Year!


We are proud to name #MAIP2017 & 2018 Fellow Raquel Ortega as the 2018 One Club/MAIP Creative Fellow of the Year. Learn more about Alicia's journey here:

Originally from Southern California, I flew North to graduate from the University of Oregon with a major in Advertising. MAIP gave me the ability to travel and intern in cities I could only dream of living in - Atlanta and Seattle. I was incredibly honored to win MAIP Creative Fellow of the Year at this year’s Face of Talent for my work this summer at WongDoody as an Art Director Intern.

During my time at WongDoody, I was able to concept and design a local business’ first-ever social media rollout campaign after their new rebrand. The year before I was apart of the Advertising for Change ATL Class where my team was tasked with creating a creative campaign to drive donations to local non-profit Lost-N-Found Youth. 

I continue to give back to MAIP this year by mentoring current students at the University of Oregon. This is a very humbling and invaluable experience for me as I am able to help potential MAIPers learn about how rewarding life as a MAIP intern can be. 

I believe that being able to help other students of color achieve success is one of the greatest things ways to make a positive impact in life.  

Thank you, 
Raquel Ortega