Congrats, Josue Mendez (2018) - Digitas Multicultural Scholarship Winner!


We are proud to name #MAIP2018 Fellow Josue Mendez as the Digitas Multicultural Scholarship winner. Learn more about Josue's journey here:

My name is Josue Mendez, a Puerto Rican raised in the Bronx. I'm an assortment of all sorts of different things: a photographer, nerd, filmmaker, philanthropist, traveller, vlogger, and seltzer-water addict. I'm a graduate of CUNY Baruch College with a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication and a minor in Theatre.

This past summer was spent as a Public Relations intern at Edelman, working in the Digital department with the Community Management team. In the nine weeks spent at the firm, I've monitored and created social reviews and reports for the Dove (including Baby Dove and Dove Men+Care), AXE, WingStop, and Travel Portland accounts.


My sistine chapel of the summer was a tremendous social B2B campaign for the financial technology company Synchrony, in which I and the other Digital interns worked tirelessly to create - and was ultimately praised by the Digital leads and execs. 


Winning this award was completely surreal, and it truly sank in when I began hearing the first words of my essay being read aloud at the Face of Talent to a humongous audience. This goes beyond just my dedication to my work, but extends to the passion my parents had raising me. Both my mother and father were just as excited as I was winning this, with my phone receiving hundreds of texts reading different variations of the phrase "Are you serious?"

I grew up in a strange family household, where I was raised primarily by my mother but my father was still there - just in the sidelines. Financial burdens plagued us, as it tends to do with the families of first-generation citizens. This scholarship lets my mother rest a lot easier at night, as she worried whether or not she would be able to have the finances ready to tackle on this upcoming final semester. Knowing I can graduate this Fall without any debt means the world to everyone in my family, and truly humbles me knowing that my work ethic is being recognized by someone else other than myself and those closest to me. 

Congrats Raquel Ortega (2017 & 2018) - 2018 Creative Fellow of the Year!


We are proud to name #MAIP2017 & 2018 Fellow Raquel Ortega as the 2018 One Club/MAIP Creative Fellow of the Year. Learn more about Alicia's journey here:

Originally from Southern California, I flew North to graduate from the University of Oregon with a major in Advertising. MAIP gave me the ability to travel and intern in cities I could only dream of living in - Atlanta and Seattle. I was incredibly honored to win MAIP Creative Fellow of the Year at this year’s Face of Talent for my work this summer at WongDoody as an Art Director Intern.

During my time at WongDoody, I was able to concept and design a local business’ first-ever social media rollout campaign after their new rebrand. The year before I was apart of the Advertising for Change ATL Class where my team was tasked with creating a creative campaign to drive donations to local non-profit Lost-N-Found Youth. 

I continue to give back to MAIP this year by mentoring current students at the University of Oregon. This is a very humbling and invaluable experience for me as I am able to help potential MAIPers learn about how rewarding life as a MAIP intern can be. 

I believe that being able to help other students of color achieve success is one of the greatest things ways to make a positive impact in life.  

Thank you, 
Raquel Ortega

Congrats Alicia Harris (2017 & 2018) - MAIP Fellow of the Year

We are proud to name #MAIP2017 & 2018 Fellow Alicia Harris as the 2018 Clarence Leroy Holte MAIP Fellow of the Year. Learn more about Alicia's journey here:


For the past three summers I’ve worked to develop my love for strategy at some of the best agencies in the world including BBDO, Ogilvy and Droga5. Each agency has helped me to dig a layer deeper into the craft of strategy to uncover where my greatest strengths lie. I’m in love with the art of story-telling and the process of helping brands stand for something in society that is greater than their products and services.

Outside of advertising, I’ve focused my efforts on a seemingly simple yet convoluted goal: living my best life. I’m determined to see every shade of beauty that this world has to offer. Two summers ago I was one of the four students selected by my university to participate in the Kirk Scholars program which enabled me to study Mandarin Chinese for a full year and spend a month traveling throughout China.

Throughout those four weeks I felt alive and realized the importance of stepping outside of your
comfort zone and exploring all that the world has to offer. Stepping into a world that was so different from my own, one where no one understood me and I could barely understand them (despite a full year of Mandarin) taught me one of the greatest life and career lessons: seek first to understand then to be understood.

The past three years have been a whirlwind and have taught me the importance of believing in your dreams. As I now prepare to step into my first full time job as a strategist at Ogilvy’s New York headquarters, I am reminded of the mentors, friends and coworkers who have looked out for me along the way and MAIP is the root of many of these relationships. To my MAIP family, thank you so much for believing in me these past two years, I promise to leave my mark in this industry and to tirelessly use my voice and passion to inspire the generations that will follow me. Because now more than ever, MAIP matters!

Best wishes for the brightest future,

Alicia Harris